Everyday Miracles (don’t have to be BIG)


This is today’s miracle! It may seem ridiculous that something as simple as this flower is a miracle for me – but stay with me here.

If you don’t already know, I am THE WORST with flowers, gardening, plants, etc. Like I don’t have even a sprinkle of green thumb in my body… I probably have more of like a brown or black thumb if I’m being completely honest. I’ve been known to make artificial flowers wither away. Like it’s THAT bad!

Last summer I gave myself a budget of $1,000 and hired someone to clean up and shape up our flower bed – he did an AMAZING job with the limited budget I gave him btw. I even specifically asked for low-maintenance plants in the garden, that’s how lazy I am with landscaping! However, the winter took its toll on our landscaping and we honestly thought we’d have to restart this spring and plant all new plants. Sometime in the middle of spring, after a significant week of rain fall, some of our plants got some color back! I hadn’t thought much about it honestly. Normally I’ll just look at the flowerbed every once in a while, promise myself I’ll water at least once this week, and then go back to ignoring it and then break my promise. It’s a weekly occurrence.

Anyway. As the boys and I are finishing up our morning walk, I happen to take a glance at our flowerbed. In the corner nearest the house I spot not one but TWO of these beautiful flowers – I don’t even know what they’re called (a further testament to the fact that I DON’T know what I’m doing with a flowerbed). I got so excited, maneuvered the bulky double stroller to the front porch, and marveled at the two flowers for a while. Vincent was pretty confused but smiled and agreed that they were pretty. I had to take a picture!

Then I reminded myself, “if you watered this thing once in a while, you could probably see more of these.” Instead I gave credit to God for the recent rainfall and thanked Him for the beauty in all things. This seemingly small flower is a pretty BIG miracle for me and it’s given me some motivation to stop breaking my promises to the flowerbed!

Lord, thank you for the beauty you’ve put in simple, everyday items. Their ubiquity should not be taken for granted.

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