I gave my kid popcorn for lunch

Yep. Popcorn for lunch. Or as my toddler calls it, “poppy.”

And it wasn’t as a side to a “main lunch.” Nope. He literally had a cup of popcorn for lunch.  Ask and you shall receive, buddy.

Instagram is reeaallllyyy good at helping me make it look like we have our lives together.  I mean, sometimes we do but most times we don’t. I can filter out dark eye circles and blur some of the worst living room messiness you’ve ever seen.  It’s a skill I’m pretty dang proud of.

But here’s the truth:

  • My eyes have dark circles.
  • Our living room floor is always decorated with toys.
  • There are old cheerios in our couch even though my husband cleans out our couch almost every weekend (side note: I’m so happy that I married a neat freak because I am one messy girl).
  • It sometimes takes me an entire week to get just  O N E   load of laundry done. Sometimes the same load stays in the dryer all week until it’s just a wrinkled mess of shirts and socks that has been picked over time and time again.
  • Sometimes we have popcorn (poppy) for lunch.

My toddler asks for “poppy” at least seventy times a day.  So when I finally cave in, I end up serving my toddler popcorn for lunch because I will literally   lose   my   mind  if he asks for “poppy” one more ding dang time.  Like I said, ask and you shall receive.

I don’t like to admit when I’m failing at motherhood and parenting.  And I don’t like to admit that I served my son popcorn for lunch.  But I’ll admit it here, just for you.

It’s taken time for me to learn to accept my failures with grace.  It’s taken time for me to admit to myself that even though I’m not perfect, I am good enough.  I am good enough for these babies and this life.

So sometimes I fail miserably and let my son have popcorn for lunch.  And sometimes I totally nail this motherhood thing and can manage to piece together a balanced lunch for him.  Each day is a new adventure in this motherhood thing and who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Some days I just have to take a loss and serve poppy for lunch!  It’s okay, maybe it makes me seem like the “cool mom.” 😉

Even though we are not perfect, God asks us to try anyways. So I will keep trying to be the best me. The best mom, wife, and Christian that I can be – even when that means accepting my failures with grace.

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