Who is the CEO?

Are you treating God like your employee…or like the CEO?

I’m going to be completely honest, I struggle with this so much sometimes.

Sometimes I tend to run to God and say like, “Hey I’m having a hard time with this…also could you help me figure this out…and it would be great if you got back to me about that thing I asked you about a week ago…” – You get the point, right?

While I do not intend to pass judgment, I know that some of you may also struggle with this too sometimes. And some of you may not even realize that you are doing this, and that’s okay! – It took me a while to realize that I was starting to treat God like an employee rather than like the Provider and CEO that He truly is.

We are down here carrying out His will.

He’s the CEO.

This is now something I try to be very cognizant about with each day and prayer that passes.

I try to format my prayers in a way that they can be heard as “reports.”

God, today I did this…and this happened…

Oh! And that thing that happened last week…WE figured it out!

(Or I still need some help with that…) 

Also, thank you for giving me this (Or helping me with that)

We still need to work on this but let’s revisit that right now…

I still ask for help, discernment, and blessings in my prayer time – but I try to begin my prayer time with “daily reports.” I try to put make myself an employee of God and report back to Him daily.

Some of you may associate a negative connotation with the term employee.


Whatever term works best for you, use that.

I’m not perfect by any means, and this format is still a work in progress for me – but all God asks is that we TRY.

We are God’s hands on earth. WE are carrying out HIS will each and every day. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that.

Let’s all try to stop treating God like our employee and start treating Him like the Almighty that He truly is.

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