Coffee, Cement, and a Full Fanny Pack (& heart) – Vol. 1

Carlos and I got to spend nearly a week in beautiful San Jose del Cabo…with equally beautiful people.

As part of a trip that Carlos earned through his company (Funeral Directors Life aka FDLIC) that has been dubbed, “the incentive trip,” Carlos and I got to spend 6 days at an all-inclusive resort…and it was completely free (to us)! The boys stayed behind in Abilene with my parents and Nana (a HUGE thank you goes out to them), so it was just us two. And some fabulous friends (that Carlos already works with) that I got to know even better!

This all-inclusive resort sports amenities unlike Carlos and I have ever seen before! You guys know we aren’t fancy by any means, and we honestly had no idea what to expect at this resort. In fact, the last time we saw a beach was on our three-day honeymoon we took after our wedding. We were no longer “broke college students” but had graduated to “broke college graduates” and “broke newlyweds.” So our honeymoon (and last trip sans kiddos) was to Port Aransas…but let me tell you, when we arrived at the resort in Cabo… it was evident that we were not in Port Aransas anymore, Toto.

Not by a long stretch. This resort contains multiple restaurants and multiple varieties of food. And unlimited coffee (any kind you could think of) in the Coffee House. Y’all. The Coffee House was enough to make me fall in love with this place.

The resort faces the beach and our room has direct access to the beautiful Cabo sunrise and moonrise each day. Nothing short of beautiful.

While the Coffee House was undoubtedly a blessing to this caffeine-addicts heart, if you were to ask me about the best part of the trip I would definitely have to say the people of Los Cabos. And we encountered many different people…every single one of them beautiful. From the friends of FDLIC, to the resort staff, to the missionaries, and to the families we worked with…all of them made in God’s image and therefore absolutely beautiful.

Part of the incentive trip included a mission with Vital Seeds Ministries. The FDLIC professionals worked closely with Vital Seeds, Youth With a Mission (YWAM), and Casa Libertad (a half-way house filled with Godly men who are not only hilarious but also filled with hope and love). One of the most generous women I’ve ever met worked tirelessly before and during this trip to get this entire mission together.

It’s incredible what can get sewn together when you get a few Godly people working for a common cause: the Kingdom God.

The three day mission consisted of building two homes for two families in one of the poorest parts of San Jose del Cabo. We worked in an area called “Vista Hermosa,” which means Beautiful View.

And you’ll have to believe me when I tell you, a beautiful view is what certainly awaited us at the mission site.

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