Darth Vader Pancakes Are My Vocation

I’ve been asking God recently for help regarding my vocation.

Understanding, embracing, and living out my vocation.

In the process of praying for guidance regarding my vocation, I felt it would be best let God tell me what my vocations are. So what exactly are my vocations?

I have many roles right now. I’m a wife, a mom, a daughter and sister, a friend, a writer, a dental hygienist, a student…so many things. You might be in the same boat – juggling many different roles, just trying to keep above water.

What I’ve come to understand is that my roles don’t define me. My heart for Jesus defines me. My ability to care for others (regardless of whether I’m wearing a stained t-shirt, a blouse, or a scrub top) is what reflects my heart for Christ. My ability to embrace God’s plan for this time in my life is what will keep my heart and motives in check.

Sometimes I can get so bogged down thinking I’m not doing enough. I’m not out on the mission fields or I’m not on the “front lines” of this spiritual battle. I mean, sometimes we can barely make it to Mass on time y’all (we’re getting better at that but it’s taken some time LOL).

The point is, sometimes I don’t feel like I’m doing all I could be doing for God. I would LOVE to do more mission work, or I would LOVE to volunteer with more organizations, but this can’t possibly fit into my vocation right now. I need to be present with my kids and family right now, that’s what God needs from me.

I’ve come to understand that Darth Vader pancakes are my vocation. Or a reflection of my vocation, rather.

Darth Vader pancakes: They are my boys’ favorite breakfast and I try to make them about every two weeks. My oldest, Vincent, gets so excited when I wake him up and tell him that I’ve made Darth Vader pancakes. I get to hear, “Darth Baderrrrrr!” when I ask him what kind of pancake that is. It’s really a cute sight to see – we’re big Star Wars fans so it warms our hearts in many ways!


To my boys, this breakfast is just something fun they get every once in a while.

But to me, it’s my vocation: it’s thinking about them at the store while I’m getting groceries, it’s preparing the pancakes before they are even awake, it’s spending the time to make them, and it’s the feeling of a warm heart when I see my boys’ excitement over this breakfast treat. It’s not necessarily a long process but I look forward to it – because it shows my boys that momma thinks about them. It shows my boys that momma cares for them.

Now I realize that this is just the season of life I’m in right now. It won’t be like this forever.

There will be a day when these pancakes are no longer exciting. But right now this is my vocation.

It’s caregiving. Whether it be at work or at home, it’s caregiving.

At work: it’s showing compassion with my patients, it’s being a light for my coworkers and patients, and it’s being a listening ear for all.

At home: it’s messy meals, and dirty diapers, and potty training, and packing lunches, and wiping away tears, and breaking up fights over toys, and bedtime routines, and…Darth Vader pancakes.

So this is what I’m embracing right now. This is what I’m focusing on right now…because I realize that my vocations may change as my family grows, changes, or ages. There will be time for me (and my family) to work on mission work together, or to volunteer together. But I need to embrace the right now. My boys need me in the right now.

My ability to care for my boys. My ability to care for others. And my ability to be a light for Christ. This is my vocation. 

What are your many roles? Do they define you? Do you embrace them?

Do you use your roles to glorify God?

Do you trust that God will lead you through this current season of life into the next season? 


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