“I’m here”


All glory to the God for this post because this came to me while I was on a treadmill of all things. 

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working out but it takes all I’ve got to get through a treadmill run or sprint. I enjoy lifting much more than cardio.


You know when you’re on a cardio machine and it has the little heart rate monitors on the handle bars? When you hold your hands on those handles for an extended period of time, it can read your heart rate?

And when sometimes you have to hold on to the handle bars for dear life because you can hardly breathe? Oh, nevermind that’s probably just me. 

But the second you let go, it can no longer read your heart rate, so that bright red heart disappears?

Poof, it’s gone.

I need to live my faith-life this way. Holding on to God.

I need to keep my hands on God. I feel closest to God when I keep my hands on Him and my heart and mind focused on Him.

Our Faith isn’t a one-time exclamation of living more like Christ.

Our Faith is an every day decision.

Our Faith is a decision we must choose to make every single day. 

To be kind, loving, and generous.

It is a lifestyle we must choose…every single day. Not just one time.

Keeping our hands on God is a constant process.

Saying, “Lord, I’m here. Do what you may with me today.”

It’s not always going to be easy. It will get messy and chaotic. You will be faced with choices and situations that will make it difficult to keep your hands on Him.

But don’t let your bright red heart disappear from God. Don’t let go of God. Keep your hands on Him in all that you do.

“I’m here” is all He wants to hear from you.

“Lord, I’m here”


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