I hope this never stops…

As a mom of two boys I joke a lot about how messy, crazy, and funny life is with my boys.

Potty training a toddler can be fun, frustrating, and insightful.

Teaching our younger son how to communicate can be fun, frustrating, and insightful.

My boys are FUNNY. They constantly surprise me, they constantly keep me on my toes, and they constantly melt my heart.

Vincent loves to pick flowers for me. It warms my heart because it tells me that he thinks of me – in the middle of his running around and chasing, he thinks of me. Despite his busyness with playing, he thinks of me.

It warms my heart.

And to be honest, I hope this never stops.

Can we live the same way with God? In the midst of our busyness, playing, and chasing…can we think of God? Do we stop what we’re doing to think of God? No doubt he’s always with us, walking every step with us along the way. But can we stop to think of Him? And thank Him? And talk to Him?

Or do we just take for granted His presence?

I challenge you to stop in the busyness, playing, and chasing (of work, life, kids, etc.) to think of and thank God for always being there with you.


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