Keep Me Safe

Psalm 16: 1 “Keep me safe, O God; in you I take refuge.”

The weather where I live has been pretty crazy lately. It’s been very unpredictable and inconsistent with what I remember our June weather being like. Our area has been having storms, tornados, and flooding. I know many areas have these problems, but tornados are not something we typically see where I live – and yet, just a few weeks ago many people’s homes and businesses were torn up by a tornado in our area.

Sometimes our lives feel like that – unpredictable, inconsistent, and chaotic.

We see darkness and take it at face value, taking for granted that we just had brightness. We experience darkness and immediately think we’re doomed.

Perhaps we can hang on to that small glimmer of hope.

Perhaps we can look at our past darkness and realize that the Lord will see us through this darkness.

Perhaps we can cling to God in our time of darkness.

The following two pictures were taken immediately before and after our most recent storm (featuring my husband’s beloved ’95 Tacoma).

Impending darkness, a storm arising and moving in. Unpredictable, volatile, inconsistent, unmanageable.

“Keep me safe, O God; in you I take refuge.”

Bright, beautiful, and clear blue sky. Joy, cheerfulness, safety, predictable.

These images were taken only 40 minutes apart.

Sometimes God uses our darkness to create light…to create stability and certainty. To teach us some things we need to know and see to believe.

If you are going through a particularly dark time, I encourage you to cling to God: Keep me safe, O God; in you I take refuge. He will see it through with you. He will shed light on the purpose of darkness. And He will keep you safe.

-Thanks Be 2 God

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