Vincent’s Playlist


Our oldest son, Vincent, is almost three years old. This is a fun time for us – he’s singing, dancing, and playing along to music. This kid lives for music, y’all.

Since I work a couple of days a week, I get to drop him off at my parent’s house on the days that I work. I enjoy this morning trip to my parent’s house because we get to listen to Vincent’s playlist. We also get to listen to his playlist while running errands throughout the week.

It’s truly a mixtape of all kinds of songs that he kept randomly asking for, so I finally decided to create him his own playlist on my phone.

His playlist includes:

  • “Jesus Loves Me” – when he asks for this he always says, “Mama I want Jesus love me!! Jesus love me please!”
  • “Were You There” by The Vigil Project – he calls this song “Tremble” and he’ll ask for it with, “Mama let’s Tremble Tremble!!!” Tremble it is, bud!
  • “Hosana” by The Vigil Project
  • “I Can Do All Things (Philippians 4:13)” by Twin Sister Productions – this actually came on a CD with a book he got when he was younger and we just keep the CD in the car – he’ll ask for this, “Mama I wanna do all things!!”
  • “Still Rolling Stones” by Lauren Daigle – he calls this one, “Rise up,” and will normally say, “Mama rise up, rise up pleeeeease!”
  • The rest of his playlist includes songs from a Mother Goose Club list (Dinosaur Stomp, This Little Light of Mine, Driving in My Car, ABC song, etc.) – these are all very upbeat and help get him hyped up for the day.


It warms my heart to see Vincent being a kid and enjoying regular children’s music, but my heart also lights up when he asks for one of the Christian songs or Vigil songs – he is being introduced to Jesus through our lead and sometimes that includes music. If that makes his heart sing then that makes my heart sing!

Some of these songs may not be what I want to listen to at the time, but if he asks to sing about praising Jesus than who am I to stop him?! In all honesty, it’s almost always what I need to hear at the moment!

–Thanks Be 2 God

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