Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

Today I am thankful to live in a country where I can pursue basic freedom of religion, familial duties,and professional responsibilities.

My life as a woman, mother, Catholic, and professional is not something I take for granted because I know not all women are free to pursue the same liberties that I have.

While our nation has come a long way, I know that there are individuals in our country that still lack basic rights, necessities, and most of all respect. For example: individuals living in poverty every day, individuals being subjected to modern day slavery and trafficking, the LGBTQ community, and even the unborn.

May we all use this a fuel to continue to pursue the kingdom of God. May we also work diligently to create a country modeled after God’s own kingdom where ALL individuals have rights, necessities, freedom, and most of all RESPECT.

God bless you all & God Bless America!

⁃ Thanks Be 2 God

(The above picture with the flag on the crane was taken during a quick trip along I-20 at Goins Crane Service)

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