Different Gifts

Most of you may know that I spend about half of my week working as a Registered Dental Hygienist. 

I get told on a daily basis, “oh I could never do what you do!” “Oh I could never be in people’s mouths!” “Oh I couldn’t do blood, or spit! Nope!” 

I get this even when I’m not at work and people find out that I’m a dental professional.

The first thing I tell these individuals is, “that’s okay! We all have different gifts!”

It really doesn’t bother me, because I do the exact same thing with other professions. Whether it’s pre-school teachers, or oil field employees, or accountants….I’m thinking the exact same thing, “oh I could not do that!!” I hardly ever verbalize it but more times then not I’m 100% thinking it! 

My son’s pre-school teachers (who are saints on earth and have special places in heaven, I just know it) are very special people who I adore. They have a gift for working with kiddos, gifts of patience, kindness, and nurturing. And it’s a gift I’m so thankful for! 

Our tax professionals, accountants, mathematicians etc. have gifts with numbers, business management, and complex math…me, not so much! 

Our doctors, nurses, and other skilled healers have gifts that help them treat and care for patients, gifts that enable them to heal, cure, and treat all kinds of ailments.

Our teachers and administrators have gifts for education and inspiring the newest and most vulnerable generations of our society – again, a gift I am so thankful for!

Our skilled-trade workers are have gifts that allow them to use their hands and bodies to build infrastructure, support society, and enable all of us to have very comfortable lives. 

Any kind of profession, employee, volunteer…they are all gifted with various traits and skills that enable them to do their work. 

The point is, we all have different gifts. 

God graciously gives all of us different gifts. Sometimes we ignore those gifts, and sometimes we embrace them. Sometimes we develop those gifts and hone our skills. Sometimes we decide on making our own path. 

But we all have different gifts. And that’s okay. 

My gifts aren’t going to be the same as yours. And that’s okay. 

Your gifts are going to be the same as mine. And that’s okay. 

What’s important is trying to figure out how you can use your God-given gift to develop, advance, and grow the kingdom of God. Because when we use our gifts to let God shine in our lives, you may inspire someone else to embracce gifts that they have perhaps been avoiding or ignoring.

Use your gifts to heal, love, inspire, teach, and help others. Develop and hone your gifts and skills to shed light on God’s works, ways, and love.

What are you good at? What are your gifts? Where can you develop those gifts and use them to shine light on God’s gifts to you?

I use my gifts as a dental hygiene professional to assess, treat, and heal patient’s gum disease. I use my gifts as an educator to educate patients and lead them to better dental home-care habits. And I like to use my gift of writing to inspire others, to lead them to Truth and Love.


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