Catholic Home Planner [Review & Spotlight]

I plan just about everything in my life. My work schedule, my husband’s honey-do list, my boy’s activities and play dates, my blogging, my finances and bills, my free time, my reading time, everything!  

I’d recently been in the market for a new planner and this time I was looking for a Catholic planner. Now I’ve tried various planners before… academic, Catholic, simple, ornate, and even blank. Essentially, I’ve used some type of a planner since I was in middle school organizing my homework and tests.

There’s something about physically writing my appointments, events, and to-do lists down that makes it tangible and real to me. I realize that not all people are like me, but planners are definitely a way of life for me.

 Since I recently finished my Master’s Degree, I knew I needed something to move away from the old academic style of planners and shift to one that was more conducive to family scheduling, faith building, and prioritizing our faith time. 

Being a mom of two young sons, I am constantly aiming to live more liturgically and fully in the Spirit. We realize the significance that we play in our boys’ faith formation. Therefore, I knew I was looking for a Catholic planner that incorporated feast days, prayers, devotions, daily Mass readings and more. I also knew I was looking for a planner that incorporated being a parent and all that entails (meal times, schedules, monthly planning, and daily to-do’s). 

It’s easy to let daily tasks take over our lives, I know that I can be prone to letting my to-do list run my day. However, when I make Faith a priority every day (and when I have a planner that incorporates Faith), then I am reminded to keep focused on God, Faith, and the End Goal.

Therefore, I made it a priority to find a Catholic planner that was meant for moms and families.

That was when I stumbled across this Whole Living Catholic Mom Planner on Etsy. You can get yours here.

It’s beautifully and thoughtfully designed and printed. The inside features plenty of room for goal-setting, to-do lists, and celebrations. Lauren also designed it with daily readings, feast days, holy days of obligation, and plenty more Catholic resources, prayers, and liturgical space.

Lauren from Whole Catholic Living just welcomed her fourth sweet baby (and her first baby girl)! She is adjusting to life as a momma of four and is enjoying time with her sweet baby girl…that being said, she will ease back into production of these awesome planners! In the mean time, you can always download the PDF download, print your own and get it bound or put it in your own binder – the possibilities are endless!

I also recommend getting some stickers from The Hopeful Planner – they are beautiful, simple, and great quality! Ana even designed some custom stickers for me and she made them even better than I was envisioning – she is truly talented and I highly recommend you check out her shop! These stickers really compliment the planner while also highlighting the beauty of Catholicism!

I’ve used this planner for a little over a month and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it! It’s clean and simple but it also incorporates practically every the aspects of our Catholic Faith.

There is something about having a true Faith planner in your life that gives you constant reminders to keep Faith as a priority instead of letting tasks take over your days and life. And this Catholic Home Planner truly help with that!


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