Proverbs Bible Study

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about a super simple Bible Study that some girlfriends of mine did during our time in quarantine. This Proverbs Bible Study is simple because it’s easy to follow yet not overwhelming. to someone who is wanting to dive into Scripture but doesn’t know where to start!

If you’re looking for a simple way to get into (or back into) the habit of reading scriptures, this Proverbs Bible Study is for you!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A Bible – doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical copy, an app on your phone will work perfectly fine!
  • (Optional) – notebook/journal, pens, and highlighters
  • (Optional) – a group of friends! While this is optional, I actually highly recommend inviting some friends to join you on this Bible Study. I’ve done this particular study by myself many times but it was actually really fruitful when I invited my girlfriends to join me this time around!
  • (Optional) – a month…super easy to achieve (I know), but I actually recommend starting at the beginning of a month that has 30 or 31 days (sorry February, no hard feelings).

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Each day of the month you’ll read one chapter of Proverbs. So starting on the first day of the given month you’ll read the first chapter of Proverbs. It’s super easy to follow along because the day of the month will correspond to the chapter you’ll be reading that day.
  • As you progress through the days and the chapters, I encourage you to highlight, underline, and make notes on items that stick out in your heart and in your mind. If you’ve invited friends along with you in this study, you’ll need to set up meeting times.
  • If you decide to do this study by yourself, that’s perfectly fine! Like I said previously, I’ve done this study by myself before and it was still fruitful! I encourage you to work through the chapters of Proverbs and sit with them all day – read that given chapter more than once a day, pray and reflect on verses that stick out to you, be open to journaling or praying your thoughts out. Don’t get bogged down on thinking you need a group of friends to do this study with you, because the most important thing is to let the Holy Spirit guide you in this (even if that means you do it on your own).

My Story

For the month of April, I invited some of my girlfriends to join me in this Bible Study. Like I mentioned before, I’ve done this particular study alone before but never with a group of friends. I must say, having friends along with me made it very fruitful and insightful because while there were many times we would have the same takeaways, there were also many times when different things would stick out to us. This caused some meaningful conversations and opportunities for us to open our hearts.

I particularly like the book of Provers because it is basically a collection of words to live by. Proverbs contains so many lessons that are really suitable for all individuals, ages, and situations. It is easy to follow and understand no matter what Bible version you prefer.

Our group chose to meet three times a week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday). Since we were in the thick of a quarantine, we utilized ZOOM for our virtual Bible Study. During our meetings we would simply go through the chapters we covered in the days before and discuss the verses that stuck out to us and why (pro tip: try to think of a theme for each chapter as you read along, it’s fun to see what other’s chose as their theme). As you dive deeper into the Word, it may require some “heart work” and vulnerability on your part, but beautiful things can happen when you open yourself up and let the Holy Spirit do some work! We’d end each meeting with a quick prayer complete with any prayer requests from the group.

Since April was 30 days long, we actually read Proverbs 31 on May 1st…and if you’re familiar with that chapter of Proverbs then you’ll know that it was an excellent verse to begin a new month on! It was right when our group was returning to work and some sort of “normalcy” so it was a nice little bow to finish off the Bible Study!

This Proverbs Bible Study is perfect for you if you long to learn about scriptures but aren’t sure where to start…or how much to read each day…or don’t have the skills (yet) to remain consistent. Let God meet you where you are at – that’s what He is best at! When it comes to developing a habit of reading scripture, I believe that it’s important to not bite off more than you can chew. The Bible can be very intimidating but if you start small and slow, then it’s much more digestible – this Proverbs Bible Study is a perfect way to get familiar with basic tenets of Christianity… a Moral Compass if you will.

I’ll be interested to know if any of you choose to do this for any months to come – please let me know! June is right around the corner (30 days) and July (31 days) would be a perfect fit too!


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