Glitter Glue Pens & Prayer Time

What began as a glittery and goopy pile of glitter glue pens, turned into one of the most eye-opening pieces of art I’ve ever seen.

My oldest son started pouring this mess of glitter pens onto his paper. Squeezing and squeezing these tubes of glittery glue until he couldn’t squeeze anymore, he was forcing all of the glitter glue out into random piles of gloop.

Then I taught him how to fold his paper to create a mirror image. This was the result.

I froze. And immediately felt a sense of peace wash over my heart.

If you can’t see it, let me guide your eyes for a second: two wings, a shimmering halo, and two small circles for feet.

Isn’t that how it works sometimes?

We pour ourselves out and give God our mess, out big sloppy goopy mess (although most times it’s not glittery), our anger and rage, our tears and heartbreak, and even our relentless questions…and that’s okay. Because He can take it…and He wants it.

God wants you to pour it all out, to give it all to Him, to hand it over.

He can take all of that off your hands and show you blessings in return.

He can take your mess and turn it into light.

So let Him.

Give it all to Him. Let Him show you what He can do.

Today I am thankful for these messy and glittery glue pens that allow me to see and feel God even in the messiness and busyness of life.


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