Fitting Room Fears

As a woman, fitting rooms are tough. We have a love/hate relationship with them, don’t we? I admit, I reluctantly try on clothes but I have to be in a good mood to go shopping AND to try on clothes. If I’m not in that good mood, forget it. I don’t […]

Three Years Ago…

Three years ago on a hot July day, I woke up knowing that my life was about to change. I woke up to a simple text that read, “See you at the altar babe.” I smiled, replied, and started to get ready. Later that day I put on an off-white […]

I gave my kid popcorn for lunch

Yep. Popcorn for lunch. Or as my toddler calls it, “poppy.” And it wasn’t as a side to a “main lunch.” Nope. He literally had a cup of popcorn for lunch.  Ask and you shall receive, buddy. Instagram is reeaallllyyy good at helping me make it look like we have […]